The World’s Deadliest Beaches

Beware of big waves, strong currents and dangerously cold temperatures


Dangerous sea creatures, big waves, shark infested oceans and air pollution are just some of the many things you need to take caution to when visiting the world’s deadliest beaches.

Some of the deadliest waves ever surfed are in Nazare, Portugal; you have a very high chance for encountering a great white shark in Gansbaai, South Africa; Chowpatty Beach in India is one of the most polluted beaches in the world; and Coffin Bay, Australia is known for their unexpected shark attacks.[slideshow:88701]

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According to National Geographic, “each year there are about 50 to 70 confirmed shark attacks and 5 to 15 shark-attack fatalities around the world. The numbers have risen over the past several decades but not because sharks are more aggressive: Humans have simply taken to coastal waters in increasing numbers.” Some of the world’s deadliest sharks include the great white shark, tiger shark, bull shark and blacktip shark.

Beware of big waves, strong currents and dangerously cold temperatures. These are the world’s deadliest beaches.


The World’s Deadliest Beaches


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