The World’s Best International Airlines


The air travel industry has grown to unprecedented size. It has also gone through much transformation to accommodate the ever-increasing number of passengers, whose priorities vary greatly from price, seat comfort and baggage fees.[slideshow:92416]

The business of reasonable flights has expanded so much, prizes and honors are now bestowed every year. The World Airline Awards, the so-called “Oscars” of the industry, were held at Farnborough Airshow, and the world’s Top 100 Airlines in 2016 were announced. Airline customers around the world were the voters.

With the help from the World Airline Awards, we have compiled a list of the world’s best international airlines. They have shown consistency, they make promises to their passengers and follow through with them. They take pride in their world-class cuisine, various entertainment options and stress-free onboard services.

The World’s Best International Airlines

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