World’s Best Fitness Retreats to Escape the Winter

There more than one kind of vacationing away from the snow

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The winter divides people in two basic categories when it comes to vacations – those who love the snow and those who want to get away from it. So why not take this opportunity to start working on your beach body early? You don’t have to wait for summer to workout on the beach, go hiking or do yoga in the park.

You can choose from intense physical training, such as the one offered by CJ Jane Bootcamp in the U.K., to more mind and spirit focused retreats like the Zighy Bay Sense of Functional Fitness in Oman.[slideshow:82160]

A fitness holiday may be just what you need to get back on track with your New Year’s resolutions. Working out in the winter is very challenging but why not do it at sun-soaked places like Napa Valley if you have a chance? Wine is not the only attraction there; intense uphill hikes are as well.

Ordinary life offers all kinds of excuses not to work out – from “I’m burned out” to “I have an early meeting and I need some sleep.” Going on vacation where the first thing you do in the morning is exercise and where your day is centered on how to get strong and fit is the perfect reason to no longer have any pretexts for being lazy.

Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for more ways to challenge their bodies. An hour session at the gym has its limitations. Why not escape the daily grind of this monotony and go on a trip. That’s the reason why wellness and fitness destinations are trending in 2016, according to many professionals.

One of the best things about these kinds of holidays is that they are perfect for solo travelers as well as couple or groups. So make a fitness trip your Valentine’s Day tradition and combine adventure with romance and health. It can be very refreshing physically and mentally.

Regular as well as luxury resorts all over world offer some incredible packages to turn you from a couch potato to a fitness pro.

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