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We Run Down the 50 Most Dangerous Animals in the World From Bad to Worst

We bet you haven’t heard of all of these!
lion roaring


It may surprise you just how many dangerous animals there are in the world. No matter where you live, from sub-Saharan Africa to the suburbs of Detroit, you’ve definitely crossed paths with a dangerous animal, whether you know it or not. They roam freely on the street, they rule the rain forest, they own the ocean. These dangerous beasts can even fly.[slideshow:104473]

But how will you be able to identify them?

The Active Times has made a list of the 50 most dangerous animals in the world from bad to worst. Some of these may be animals you have heard of, like the seemingly innocuous mosquito, and some may be brand new, like the stone fish or the cone snail. While some of these animals are only capable of using their teeth, wings, or poison to cause serious bodily harm, some others can bring near-instant death. 

We searched the farthest reaches of the internet to bring you a list of animals that you should definitely watch out for if you value your safety. No matter if you’re cave diving in Australia, or walking through an African savannah — you’ll know what to watch out for after checking out our rundown of the 50 most dangerous animals in the world from bad to worst.

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