20 Warm Places Where You Can Escape the Freezing Cold This Winter

Chase the sun at these great destinations
warm winter travel


When temperatures have dipped too low for comfort stateside, escape to these warm, sunny locations around the world.

Winter is already threatening to rear its ugly head in the United States, with record early snow falling across the Rockies and Plains states. As you begin to bundle up and prepare for the dark, cold days ahead, it might be time to consider planning a warm-weather getaway.[slideshow:104755]


While it might be tempting to book it south of the equator, some destinations can be unpleasantly hot this time of year. Instead, warm-weather locations that are more conducive to being and staying outside might be your best bet for beating the winter blues. Warm, sunny weather improves mood, memory and broadens cognitive style, meaning it expands your creativity. Being outside allows you to stretch your legs and exercise as well as be out in nature, both proven ways to improve health and mental performance.


So if you're looking for a warm wintertime vacation destination, consider these 20 tempting options. Whether you want to lie on the beach, salsa dance all night, learn to surf or experience a unique culture, these places in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America could be a perfect fit for you to relax and recharge.



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