A Virtual Train Ride on the Flåm Railway

Here is a 360° virtual reality video of the entire journey

Where in the world can you see fjords, mountains, glaciers, the midnight sun, northern lights, waterfalls and national parks all in one country? And where can you see a cross-section of this nature in one hour-long train journey?

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Flåm Railway in Norway, Expedia Norway has partnered with Visit Flåm to create a 360° virtual reality video of the entire journey. 

You can explore the view from any possible angle by dragging the screen - or if you have a virtual reality headset (or VR glasses and a smartphone) you can switch to VR mode to experience the journey as if you were actually there.


What will you see?

The trip starts at the small mountain station of Myrdal and winds its way down through the mountains to its terminus in the village of Flåm in the fjords - passing snow-covered mountains, spectacular waterfalls, steep valleys and fjord landscapes on the way. 


Here are the key landmarks you will see en route, which can be jumped straight to in the piece:

1 - Myrdal Station - The small mountain station where the journey begins 

2 - Hardangervidda - Norway's largest national park 

3 - Kjosfossen - A spectacular 225m waterfall and one of Norway's most visited attractions

4 - Rjoandefossen - A 241m "plunge" waterfall

- Flåm Church - A wooden church built in 1667 

6 - Flåm Station - The terminus of the journey and location of the Flåm Railway Museum  


Western Norway's nature is stunning and deserves to be seen by more people. The Flåm Railway is the steepest railway in Europe and was described by Lonely Planet Traveller magazine as the world's most incredible train journey of 2014.   



Virtual Flåm by Expedia.no

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