Don't Travel to These Places in 2019

Some destinations are best left alone this year
Vacation Spots You Should Avoid in 2019


Consider skipping these destinations this year.

There are loads of things you shouldn't do in 2019. You shouldn’t, say, eat a ton of jellybeans and go run a marathon. That’s just not a great idea. Consider, instead, where you will leave a footprint.

Vacation Spots You Should Avoid in 2019 Gallery

Traveling is great; it’s good for economies, good for the soul, and good for humanity. What's not great is traveling somewhere to see something unique and breathtaking, only to find a gazillion other people vying for the same photo of the Mona Lisa. Neither is jet-setting off to the tropics, only to find that humanity’s garbage — literal garbagehas ruined it.

As a result, there are some destinations that — while historic, necessary, and beautiful in a purely idealistic sense — should be avoided this year due to the negative affects of overtourism. When planning your vacation for 2019, these are the spots that you should avoid.