The Ultimate Tours for Movie and TV Buffs

Instead of “jet setting” try “set jetting” to your favorite on-screen locations
The Ultimate Tours for Movie and TV Buffs


We’re living in a golden age of television, and blockbuster movie franchises like “Star Wars” are back with a vengeance to once again become worldwide phenomenons.

These stories don’t just inspire people to dress up for movie premieres or line up at Comic-Con panels; mega-fans are now basing their vacations on visiting the locations depicted in their favorite shows and movies.

This new phenomenon in travel has been dubbed “set jetting,” and whether you’re a reality TV expert or devotee of massive hit movies, there’s a themed vacation for you.

Check out 28 tours that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the screen of your favorite franchise.

Click here for the ultimate tours for movie and TV buffs.

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