Top 10 Countries Worth Ditching America For

This is where expats are saying life is better than in the U.S.


A lot of Americans threatened to leave the country after Donald Trump won the presidential election last year. Politically, everything that unfolded afterwards— scandals, controversies, policies and whatnot— is enough to make anyone want to run away and never return.[slideshow:102150]

There are many reasons to love the U.S., of course – national parks, friendly people, and freedom to pursue you dreams are just a few. But some people want to move to another place for the experience, for the adventure, or just to try something new.

It’s important to know where you can do everything you want to and how difficult it may be. Some countries are friendlier than others when it comes to foreigners who want to live and work with them.

In other places having a social life is practically impossible if you don’t know the local language, and making friends is not easy unless you join a sports club. Yet, some nations welcome you with open arms and are just as excited to learn more about your culture as you are about integrating.

Define your priorities before booking a one way ticket. Do you want to move because you want job security, better work-life balance or quality childcare and education?

The following list is based on HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey for 2016, which collected responses from thousands of expats around the world. The criteria range from quality of life and culture to career progression and safety.

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