Things You’re Doing on a Plane That Are Kinda Annoying Everyone

Your neighbor has some quite obnoxious tendencies


Between airport delays, security checkpoints, and checked and carry-on bags, a day at the airport can be hectic. It is a relief once you have boarded your flight, but then, out of nowhere, you realize your neighbor has some quite obnoxious tendencies. 

According to a recent survey by Expedia, 50 percent of Americans get annoyed by the “Audio Insensitive” person, who talks loudly, and plays music loud enough for their neighbors to hear. But what do they do about it?

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“Even when another traveler acts like a jerk, most people let it slide,” Culture Cheat Sheet explains. Half of the people surveyed said they would ignore an inconsiderate passenger; 10 percent said they’d secretly record the offender on their phone; 3 percent said they’d shame them on social media; and 21 percent said they’d ask the person to stop.[slideshow:98581]

Unfortunately, annoying passengers will always exist. But do they even know that they’re actually bothering everyone?

Continue reading to find out the things you’re doing on a plane that are kind of annoying everyone. Because, let’s be honest: You don’t want to be the person who is kicked off a plane because of bad body odor.


Things You’re Doing on a Plane That Are Kinda Annoying Everyone


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