Stunning Rainbow Colored Beaches to Visit Before You Die

Walking on the beach just got a whole different meaning

Amp up your summer experience by exploring a coastline that is all about the beach, for once, as opposed to the water. You have probably heard of black sand, especially in places like Iceland, but did you know that red, orange, and even green shores can also be found?[slideshow:101900]

You can go on a trip to see an entire rainbow of unique-colored coastlines. Red hues usually come from soil that contains a lot of rust. A green sand beach in Hawaii got its name from the green olivine crystals in the cinder cone formed 49,000 years ago next to the beach, according to Love Big Island.

From California to Australia and Portugal, the beaches on this list will leave you awe struck. If you have the chance to visit one of them, don’t pass it up.

Stunning Rainbow Colored Beaches to Visit Before You Die

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