Stunning Photos of Cherry Blossoms Just in Time for Spring

This is a special season; time your visit right, as the flowers are in bloom for just a few weeks


The unique exquisiteness of cherry blossoms in the spring – when beautiful colors burst and cover the once-gloomy streets waking up after hibernation during a long winter – is a sight to behold.

Enjoying sakura is a national pastime in Japan; it should be all over the world, and not just for nature lovers and romantic couples who love to have picnics in a forest of pink trees and under blooming branches. Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive effect on moods.

study showed that patients in hospital rooms with flowers needed less pain medication, were less tired, and had lower blood pressure. A third collection of research indicated that people’s cognitive performance was better with plants inside.

So make yourself feel better – get out of the house to see beautiful colors and stunning panoramas; to breathe some fresh air and nice aromas; and to experience one of the best features of the spring season.

Click here for 16 Stunning Photos of Cherry Blossoms Just in Time for Spring

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