The Scariest Runways in the World

Have you ever had to land at or take off from one of these airports?

Photo Modified: Flickr / lndrik myneur CC BY 4.0

Imagine you’re on a plane to your dream vacation destination and the pilot says you have been redirected because the runway is too short and you are at risk of falling off a cliff.[slideshow:86135]

When people think about flying, they are turned off by the possibility of sitting next to a crying baby, a person who sweats a lot, severe turbulence, and bad weather.

Most passengers believe they’re safe once they see the airport from the windows. But when you have to land on ice, in the mountain, or on a beach, the last leg of the flight can be a nightmare.

Depending on where you are traveling to, your plane may have to take off and immediately drop 2,000 feet before ascending to normal height and skillfully navigate between valleys and high peaks. 

Technically, flying on an airplane is among the safest way to travel – the chance of a crash is just 1 in 11 million. But you may feel differently if you were about to land at one of these places.  

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