Popular Destinations You Had No Idea Were Haunted

Visit at your own risk


Halloween is still more than a month away but it’s never too late to start preparing. Gearing up for the season you can start narrowing your plans to visit haunted spots. Some are little known but are absolutely worth a visit — if your heart can handle it, that is.

Haunted places have history; in some cases they’ve housed pure evil and, in others, terrible tragedy. These spots have seen nightmares come to life within their very walls and the memories still haunt visitors today.

Not all ghosts appear to people to cause harm. For example, a man who died looking for his daughter in the Great Smoky National Park now manifests himself as light guiding hikers. A former operator of a popular hotel in Yosemite is allegedly seen as she is making sure that everything is in order for the guests.

Some say they don’t believe in ghosts, but if you may want to stay away from one of these spooky places.

Click here for 15 popular destinations you didn’t know were haunted

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