Places That'll Pay You to Live There

Paying mortgage or rent doesn’t have to be a huge financial burden


The first action most people take when they get paid is to set money aside for the sky-high rent or mortgage they are paying every month. Many can’t even afford to live alone. They are either forced to share an apartment with strangers as roommates or live with their parents.[slideshow:102139]

People are moving to bigger cities, making the situation even worse. Like in a vicious cycle, the market value of houses is only going up and fewer jobs are available. That leaves smaller towns at disadvantage and at risk of slowly disappearing.

Locals in some places are not staying idle. They are coming up with creative ways to get former residents back or to welcome new ones. Some townships will even pay you relocation expenses and for the delivery of your child (if you happen to give birth there).

Most incentives come in the form of tax credits, refunds or exemptions, rental assistance, household grants, or money to start your own business. Some will even give you an entire house and land, in a package, completely free; others will help with the never-ending drama of paying massive student loans.

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