These Destinations are Perfect for Saying Goodbye to Summer

Catch the last rays of the summer sun in these spots
end of summer spots

End your summer in one of these spots.

Summer is prime vacation time, and people often take the chance to hit their top summer spots while the weather is warmer.[slideshow:104519]


Many also take the chance to visit otherwise chilly destinations so that they can enjoy them in all their sunny glory. As summer draws to a close and fall approaches, however, the days are once again getting shorter in many northern hemisphere destinations.


Now is the time to catch the last rays of summer in the places where fall will soon descend with its chilly mornings and gorgeous foliage. Places like Alaska or Stockholm are beautiful in the winter, but far better appreciated when one isn’t bundled up against harsh winds or blizzards.


Other spots, such as South Africa or Buenoes Aires, simply have some of the best weather towards the end of the season. Take the family to the beach before the water gets too cold or take in the beautiful summer scenery. Whether you’re excited to greet autumn or already mourning the loss of warmer weather, consider a trip to these destinations perfect for bidding farewell to summer.