The Most Tragic Ghost Towns in the World

Few places, if any at all, are spookier than an abandoned town


Exploring long-untouched places in a way that was not meant to be is thrilling. You can learn about the history and feel the story behind it. You will be intrigued by the unusual exteriors and maybe even spooked by the present state of the following structures.[slideshow:102690]

It’s hard to believe that there are abandoned places in this world considering its population is over 7 billion people. When people are missing from what once were thriving cities they feel scary and sends bad vibes. Your only companions in certain spots will be ghosts, if you believe in them.

Some who seek to explore, photograph or just observe abandoned places are interested in learning about and preserving history; others are simply interested in the out-of-the-ordinary things you’d likely never find elsewhere.

Buildings overrun by nature but with furniture still in place are an odd picture. Sometimes constructions are still intact even decades after people have left but the empty streets are a scary reminder that something bad may have occurred where you’re now standing.

Click here for 17 of the most tragic ghost towns in the world

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