Most Pet-Friendly Hotels in the World

Don't leave an important member of your family behind; your pet needs a break too


Pet ownership is booming. About 80 million households owned a pet in 2015, compared to just about 66.5 million in 2011, the Humane Society says. Taking care of a dog or a cat is a $52 billion industry in the U.S. alone. They outnumber people by 28 million, according to media reports.[slideshow:87710]

Canines and felines have an increasingly more important role in a traditional American family. Owners spend more than $1,200 a year on veterinary care. Survey results show that 58 percent of travelers often choose an airline and 78 percent choose a hotel based on  their pet friendly policies. About 57 percent go on vacation with their pets at least once a month or year.

Businesses adapt. They set up dog walking services and spas and massage centers, and even offer birthday celebrations. Even the most luxurious hotel chains such as Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton treat man’s best friend like royalty providing them with their own beds, bowls and specific doggy-room-service menu that even includes desserts.

Some hotels will even take your baby kangaroo, if you happen to have one. The lucky pets almost always get a welcoming package on arrival that includes a treat to chew on.

The dog and cat-friendly hotels on the following list have been selected based on reviews and specific sites dedicated to taking care of cats and dogs such as Bring Fido, Pets Welcome, Trips with Pets and The Jet Set Pets.

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