The Most Beautiful Highways for Road Trips



Long before the Internet and GPS navigation there was the open road that beckoned adventurers to unfurl a map, grab a friend, and hit the road. Nostalgic for a throwback trip, we have come up with a list of the most beautiful highways for road trips around the world.[slideshow:102105]

For decades, summertime family road trips and impromptu drives with friends have been the rite of passage for many travelers. Whether you have a few hours, a couple of days, or more, our drives are sure to provide the most mesmerizing moments and plenty of bragworthy Instagram shots along the way.

Each route is an iconic course, proving that sometimes focusing on the journey can be more amazing than the destination (though you will want to make time to explore the start and end points of each of these classic car rides).

Pack some snacks, press ‘play’ on your radio, roll down the windows, and just drive!

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