How to Survive Your Layover

Making it through your layover is not an impossible task


Most travelers are usually dreading their layover before even taking off on their first flight. For others, they enjoy it. Probably because it gives them time to relax and rejuvenate before taking off again.  

I know It seems difficult, annoying and boring, but the truth is making it through your layover is not an impossible task. It’s all about keeping yourself occupied. Whether you play games on your phone, grab a bite to eat one of your airports restaurants or take a nap, there are many ways to keep yourself busy.

According to CNN, “airport layovers can be the most gruesome leg of a journey. But airports are increasingly getting wise to the needs of their passengers, offering a range of amenities from swimming pools to yoga studios and even a golf course.”

For those of you who dread your layover, I have a few solutions for you. Here are 9 tips to surviving your layover.


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