Escape the Crowds: 15 Off-the-Beaten-Path European Cities

Head to the small, charming towns in Europe if you want to really learn about a country’s soul

Nowadays it looks like there is no unexplored place left on the planet where people can go on vacation without having to deal with the nightmare of huge crowds and tourist attractions that have been too commercialized.

You can find housing and suggestions of what to do with a single click. But small, secluded secret gems – some very far from major cities – still offer adventure opportunities.[slideshow:101708]

Isolated and off the beaten path spots usually have a very well-preserved history and local culture which make them even more appealing and worth the trip. Oftentimes, traveling to the specific town or island is a quest on its own.

It’s hard not to get overwhelmed with what’s trending year after year or not take the advice of friends who tell you to “absolutely must visit Paris.” But don't you want to be the one telling them to go a place because you explored it before all of them?

Pack a bag and explore the Romanian mountains, cruise the Croatian coastline and find natural wonders in between. Check into a restored 17th-century castle in Italy and have breakfast looking out onto rolling hills reaching snow-topped Alps. Add to that image the fact that you won’t see or hear cars for miles and you begin to wonder – why did you ever want to go where everybody else goes?

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