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The Craziest Winter Adventures

Experience winter sports on a whole new level

Vitalii Nesterchuk/Shutterstock

Get out of those same old skis and snowshoes. By now, you must be getting tired of those average slopes. It’s time to experience winter sports from a completely different point of view.

Yes, you can take that literally. Get your adrenaline pumping and your camera ready. Fly down Olympic tracks, surf in the wilderness, go sledding with dogs and roam around caves formed by ice.[slideshow:82069]

Whether on a family vacation or on a solo trip there is some kind of craziness to fulfill everyone’s needs! Bond with your loved ones and have a blast during the 2016 World Champion Shovel Race, or charge into the Atlantic Ocean with the Long Beach Polar Bear Club. Looking for some quiet? Find peace, and take an unaccompanied trip snowshoeing through Black Hills National Forest.

Below are some of the Craziest Winter Adventures! Just remember, participate at your own risk, after all they are crazy adventures!


Bobsledding in Utah


Location: Park City, Utah

Looking for the ultimate Olympic experience? Go bobsledding in Park City, Utah! A professional piolet will take you and two other passengers on a ride down the 2002 Olympic track. ($175.00)


Cold Water Surfing in Alaska

Photo Modified: Flickr / Todd Binger / CC BY-SA 4.0

​Location: Alaska

Cold water surfing in Alaska is by far one of the most extreme winter adventures! According to Surf Alaska, there are “over 34,000 miles of rugged, wilderness coastline, snow covered mountains and glacier carved fiords, violent weather patterns and 30ft tidal changes – This is not an easy place to go prospecting for surf.” Although this is not an easy adventure, it is definitely worth the effort for the experience!


Ice Climbing in Montana


Location: Glacier National Park, Montana

Ice Climbing in Glacier National Park is for the more experienced climbers. It’s steep and complicated but very much work the effort! According to Glacier Country Montana, “If you are a well-seasoned climber, this is a place you will not want to miss. The quality and aesthetics of the climbs are incredible.”


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