The Top 40 Destinations of the Year

These were the travel hot spots of the past year
The Best Travel Destinations of 2018


The beauty of the world is right at your fingertips, and for many people, 2018 was the year they explored it. Traveling is a thrill; it offers you opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, experience different cultures and educate yourself in ways you never knew possible.

The Best Travel Destinations of 2018 Gallery

Whether you dream of relaxing on the beach at a luxury resort in the Maldives, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, admiring the northern lights in Finland, or partying the night away in Los Cabos, the hot spots on this list of 2018's top travel targets will serve as your inspiration for 2019.

Regardless whether you desire a peaceful destination or you’re interested in wild adventures, don’t keep telling yourself you will travel someday — get out there and explore the world now. Knock off some of the exciting things on your bucket list while you still can. For direction as to where you should go, here are some of the latest travel hot spots that proved to be the top destinations of 2018.