The Best Northern Lights Trips in the World

Get up close and personal with the Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights


The best places to see the Northern Lights have cold weather and clear skies.

For those who don’t live near Arctic regions, the Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights) is an elusive phenomenon that many think they’ll never be able to see in person. We’re here to tell you that viewing one of nature’s greatest displays isn’t as hard as one might think.

It is important to know that the vibrancy of the Northern Lights brightens and dims over a period of about a decade. According to Travel + Leisure, “The sun has an 11-year solar cycle divided between times when it is active — and sending off those charged particles towards Earth on solar winds — and when it’s dormant.” Early 2014 marked the peak of the sun’s activity, and after 2016 the sun entered a dormant phase. That doesn’t mean the Northern Lights are gone; there are simply fewer nights where the Aurora Borealis is visible, and a traveler must be strategic when choosing where to look for them


When you’re hunting for the celestial show of a lifetime, the best plan is to book a long vacation to one of the destinations where the Northern Lights are known to frequent. These areas boast ideal viewing conditions, where the air is crisp and the skies are clear and cloudless. Plus, most locations offer tours with experts who can help in your exploration. The best Northern Lights trips in the world are waiting for you.