The Best Mountain Towns in the World for the Summer

Do something unconventional this summer – explore a place you probably can’t imagine without snow
The World’s Best Mountain Towns for the Summer


Instead of looking for creative ways to beat the summer heat, head out to a cool mountain town where you won’t have to hide from the sun to enjoy water sports and wilderness adventures.[slideshow:103920]

Reach for the hills and immerse yourself in off the beaten path’s serenity, as opposed to the sand-and-surf setting where you’ll be bumping into people all the time.

Start your day with a delicious breakfast in your cabin, go on a refreshing hike through the woods, eat fresh seafood for lunch, take an art class or go paragliding in the afternoon, and enjoy a free concert in the evening.

Mountain towns have several advantages – the air is fresher, there is always a breeze, massive crowds are rare, easygoing festivals are common, and the outdoor activities are thrilling.

Do something unconventional this summer and discover a new side of a place you probably can’t imagine without snow. You’ll find hot springs, theme parks, hot air balloon opportunities, rock climbing spots, and many more exciting attractions.

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