The World's Best Backdrops for a Picture-Perfect Selfie

Some photos are worth traveling some distance for
The Best Backdrops for a Picture-Perfect Selfie Around the World

Some accomplishments are hard to believe. That’s why you need to take photos. But even then, whether you actually were where you claim to have been is questionable.[slideshow:104331]

This is where selfies come in. It’s the proof you need to show it really happened.

Incredible experiences deserve to be documented. It doesn’t have to involve non-stop click of the camera; after all, you should enjoy the adventure and immerse yourself in the moment. One photo will suffice.

Taking a selfie has become a strange – and very competitive – form of art.

Some travelers even go to great lengths, literally and figuratively, to most epic selfie ever. Take a look at some of the absolute best places for doing that.  

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