Adventurous Tropical Vacations for People Who Hate Winter

Cold weather got you down? Try these warm, beachy spots for a break


Winter is one long kick in the teeth for some people. An escape to a tropical paradise is nearly mandatory for these chill-averse people. And, for those who like a little adventure mixed in with their warm waters and sand, we have rounded up a great list of places around the world that do the trick.

All of these places have natural beauty, beaches, inviting waters, wildlife and more. You won’t want to stay in your room at these destinations. Some are well-known, while others are under-appreciated and worth seeking out. There are places where you can hike near volcanoes, scuba dive with whale sharks, go kite-surfing, explore the jungle, try sea kayaking in caves and even explore a subterranean river.

Start dreaming of someplace warm, and start your planning.

Click here for adventurous tropical vacations for people who hate winter.



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