Adventure Destinations to Escape the Cold and Rain

Turn your back on the gloomy weather and have fun in the winter sun


The almost freezing cold and rainy days are here. Carrying 20 pounds of layers of clothes, hats, gloves, and big boots can be uncomfortable. Suddenly warm-weather trips for the holidays sound very appealing as opposed to going to a ski resort.[slideshow:102769]

If cold weather, snow and wind chills are not something you want to be around for, there are plenty of destinations you can escape to with warm weather and winter sun.

What’s stopping you from grabbing a small suitcase, packing a few swimsuits and light clothes, digging out your sunglasses, and heading out for a sunny adventure?

There is something for everyone – people who want to relax and soak up the sun on white sand beaches, more adventurous travelers who want to hike famous national parks, as well as for sea lovers who prefer snorkeling with stingrays, island hopping and surfing.

Visit a coastal fishing village that will delight you with history, adventure and of course, warmth; relax on breathtakingly beautiful beaches that give way to some of the best waves you’ll find anywhere; make time for a true paradise on Earth if you like perfect weather and water sports. 

Click here for 15 adventure destinations to escape the cold and rain

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