The Absolute Best Secret Beaches on Earth

Visit a small stretch of beachy paradise


When you think of your ultimate beach paradise what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the warm white sand beneath your feet, the sound of ocean waves crashing around you or the opportunity to participate in watersports.

Whatever it may be, it most likely doesn’t include noisy people and crowds of tourists. A relaxing day at the beach should be serene, peaceful and soothing. You should be able to leave your stresses behind, simply lay out and soak up the sun, and enjoy complete solitude on a beautiful beach.

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The good news is that almost everywhere you go – Barbados, Anguilla, Portugal, California, South Africa – is home to a small stretch of beachy paradise. You just have to get out there and look for it; after all, they are called secret beaches for a reason.


The Absolute Best Secret Beaches on Earth


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