9 Caribbean Destinations Ready for Tourists After Hurricanes

Plenty of islands received little to no damage and are still encouraging visitors to book trips

Hurricanes and tropical storms caused heavy damage to some Caribbean islands this summer. Some islands are currently unable to accept tourists while relief and repair work is being done, and some cruise ship lines and airlines have had to modify or cancel routes based on port closures.[slideshow:102617]

Some cruise companies are offering refunds for any cruise tickets impacted by cancellations or changes, and Royal Caribbean is offering a 25 percent credit for new tickets booked within a certain period of time. Some airlines are also offering to cover the difference in fares and waive ticket change fees for routes affected by hurricanes within a certain date range.

The good news is that there are plenty of islands that received little to no damage that are encouraging visitors to book trips, especially in the Southern Caribbean, an area largely unaffected by the storms.

Some islands are welcoming tourists while still in the process of repairing damage, restoring power and assisting displaced people, so it’s best to call ahead to hotels and resorts to make sure your trip goes smoothly.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization, a group that represents the tourism industries of Caribbean nations and territories, has set up a relief fund to assist the countries affected most by the storms.

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