The 50 Most Stunning Spring Destinations in the World

If you are planning a trip this season, it really should be to one of the following places
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Spring is a beautiful season. It is often seen as a symbol of new beginnings, and it offers a lot more than pretty flowers. The rising temperatures lure keen explorers to destinations with extreme adventures. As nature comes to life, opportunities for recreational activities such as sailing, hiking, zip lining, camping, and mountain biking become ever more popular.

Some countries take spring more serious than others. The Japanese, for example, consider the blooming of the sakura (cherry blossom) a sacred time. The entire country is overwhelmed with a kind of jubilee feeling for months. There is a blossom report that appears to be more important than the weather forecast.

Daylight saving time is in full effect and days are longer, which gives you more time to explore places at a time when they are showing their true beauty. There is no reason why colorful parks, striking natural attractions, woodlands, and small quaint towns shouldn’t be all around you.

In the spring, many under-the-radar destinations offer the same level of excitement for all kinds of travelers – from students to families – without crowds or high prices. They, too, have an impressive nightlife and offer peace of mind.

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