These Cities Are the Oldest in the World

These destinations are the most historic places on the planet
oldest cities

History is one of the best parts of travel; the more history in a place, the more you're likely to learn. While the rest of the world looks to the top destinations for their next vacation, history lovers should look to the cities with the most to offer – cities that are older than any other on the planet and home to some of the world's greatest heritage sites.[slideshow:104494]

Going back thousands of years before the common era, the world's oldest cities are some of the most cultural destinations, many of them having been conquered and influenced by different peoples and their own cultures.

We drew up a list of the oldest places in the world, listed in a rough chronology rather than ranked in order, as the foundation dates of some cities are more unsure than others.

In these cities, you can come across centuries-old monasteries and temples, strange rock formations, and even places said to have been visited by historical giants or biblical figures. For a trip full of history, culture, and heritage, consider a visit to one of the world's oldest cities.