25 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney Parks

Don't overlook the hidden gems located in Disney parks


For many Disney fans, there is great joy in finding hidden secrets throughout theme parks – thousands of hidden Mickeys, an underground tunnel beneath the park, and edible plants in Tomorrowland, just to name a few.

As children, we don’t notice that there are garbage cans literally everywhere and the ground is painted to enhance photos. We don’t realize that the Tree of Life is artificial and that there are still attractions from opening day running.[slideshow:88087]

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Kids are so wrapped up in the thrills and excitement Disney parks have to offer that they often overlook the hidden gems.

Next time you’re at a Disney park, point out all how tall Space Mountain actually is to your child and tell him or her about the organic fruits and vegetables that grow in the Epcot gardens.


25 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney Parks


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