15 Worth Your Time Beaches 15 Minutes from the Airport

Don't waste time in traffic getting to a hotel; hit the beach as soon as you land

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Who says you have to hurry to the hotel after you land? If you’re on vacation, your ultimate goal is likely to relax and have some fun. As the famous saying goes, "Life's far too short not to have a little umbrella in your drink.” They are best served cold on a sandy beach with pristine and warm waters.

So why delay this delightful experience by hurrying to the hotel and spending time in traffic? Your room is booked, so no one will take it. Keep your sanity by avoiding the roads and head straight to the nearest beach for some quality time.[slideshow:83059]

Whether it’s popular shorelines that attract travelers or more secluded coasts for couples on a romantic retreat, some airports have it all nearby. Reducing the airport-to-beach commuting time seems like a good idea when you barely have a weekend to get away and detox from a frantic work week.

So pack as many bathing suits as you can and don’t waste another minute hiding from the sun. Feel free to book a flight late at night so you have an extra full day of vacation even if you have to check out at 10 a.m.

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