The 15 Longest Non-Stop Flights in the World

Some of these long-haul flights will test your physical and mental limits


What do you do when you’re thousands of feet up in the air, in a small and enclosed space, with a few hundred other people? You exercise, stretch, sleep, watch movies – anything to pass the time.

After all, 17 hours in a closed space can seem like an eternity when you’re 30,000 feet above ground with no options get run away.[slideshow:100634]

You are putting your health at risk if you are sitting for prolonged periods of time – this is anything more than two hours at a time. Being sedentary more than 11 hours a day increases risk of premature death by 40 percent.

So why would you want to take a non-stop flight to a destination far, far away? It’s sometimes cheaper; also, no one likes to spend more time than they have to at airports.

Planes are scary machines that can be very intimidating, especially if you don’t know anything about air travel. But with designs becoming ever more fuel-efficient, companies are able to accommodate even the most impatient passengers who don’t have even an extra minute to spare.

As a result, staring at a tiny monitor in front of you to watch movies or play games doesn’t sound like unimaginable and miserable eternity. Some companies even offer delicious food on longer flights.

The following list is based on a route’s distance.

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