13 Hotels with Scenic Views that will Blow You Away

You booked your flight, now all you need to do is find a hotel. But how do you go about it? Do you search for a hotel with great dining, fitness centers, indoor pools, or spa services? What if you could have all of the things you are looking for, plus an incredible view? I bet you wouldn’t turn that down.[slideshow:101953]

The hotels on this list are located all over the world – from Paris to Hawaii, Costa Rica and New York City. So depending on your desires and travel destination, it is likely that you will find a hotel on this list.

View Lake Louise from the The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Canada, explore Machu Picchu at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, and capture views of Amsterdam’s canals from the beautiful Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam.

Enjoy spectacular skyline views from rooftops and watch the sunrise over historical landscapes. These are hotels with scenic views that will blow you away.


13 Hotels with Scenic Views that will Blow You Away


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