Warm U.S. Cities That Do Christmas Right

Cities, cold and warm, have their own traditions and celebrations for the holidays


Decorating your home in Christmas cheer, listening to holiday music, and drinking hot coco by the fireplace are some of the many things people have to look forward to in December. You can add one more – sunshine.[slideshow:102837]

Now is the time to plan your vacation if you’re looking to get away from your cold and gloomy hometown this Christmas to a warm place without sacrificing what you love about the holiday.

Whether you want to relax in small town or embark on off the beaten path adventures, you don’t have to bring big coats and wool mittens.  

Unless you get to visit North Pole this winter, celebrating the holiday in a city where cold, rain and snow are on the forecast is not ideal. Warm places still do caroling and tree lightings as well as organize many festivals.

Go on magical train rides, join wonderful parades, and celebrate like you may never have before – without freezing.

Click here for 15 warm cities that do Christmas right

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