U.S. Cities for the Best Weekend of Your Life

Weekends are made for winding down and having fun


Sometimes stresses and chaos in everyday life makes people to go on a quick getaway to clear their minds and recharge. Taking a break from one’s normal routine, then going back to work leads to feeling refreshed and more productive.[slideshow:102778]

You don’t have to escape to a tropical resort with white sand coasts and crystal clear water; sometimes exploring a new city is more than enough to unwind. Going bar hopping, binging on odd local food and listening to live music beats sipping cocktails on the beach, sunbathing and snorkeling.

No one can argue that a short getaway is in order after a long working week. Don’t turn deciding where to go into an overwhelming problem.

The cities on the following list have been selected based on several factors including how many opportunities they offer for entertainment, adventure, and relaxation, as well as accessibility and food scene. 

Venture to an incredible weekend destination such as a charming village at the base of a mountain or a bustling city with a lot of options for thrilling quests and a bustling nightlife scene.

Click here for 15 American cities to have a fun weekend

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