Amazing North American RV Destinations

Hop into a camper and head to one of these beautiful spots
top RV destinations

These North American vacation spots are perfect for an RV or camper road trip.

Vacations can get expensive pretty quickly, and one way to save money on hotels and travel is to combine the two by renting or owning a recreational vehicle. In an RV, you don’t have to worry about packing and unpacking with each stop or the trouble that is checking in and out of hotels. You take your room and belongings with you wherever you go, which is not only convenient but also quite fun.

Not every place you go is RV-friendly, however. Cities, for example, tend not to have campgrounds except for those that are surrounded by mountains like many in the West or Midwest. You also need to find an area that has campgrounds with space and amenities for those arriving in RVs. Luckily, North America doesn’t lack for the great outdoors and throughout the United States (as well as Canada and Mexico) you’ll find plenty of great vacation spots where you can just park your trailer and head out to witness the cultural and natural wonders of the area. For a vacation that’s equal parts convenient, fun, and budget-friendly, check out these top RV destinations in North America.

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