What Your Flight Attendant Notices About You as You Board

A first impression is a lasting impression, even at 35,000 feet
Things Flight Attendants Notice About You When You Board a Plane


There are many secrets to being a good flight attendant, including the ability to greet and scrutinize hundreds of passengers a day. Most passengers barely notice their flight crew as they try to fit their luggage into an empty overhead bin, but chances are the crew has already sized them up, and even figured out whether they like you or not.[slideshow:104709]

Flight attendants do more than just serve food and beverages; they are trained first responders. They are there to keep you safe and stop threats from entering the cabin before the plane leaves the gate. Not only are they trained to notice your body language, eye contact or temperament, but they will also notice which passengers are fit or wearing military uniforms in case they need them to help evacuate or restrain an unruly passenger. You'd be amazed just what an airplane personnel can discern about you just from a glance as you board your flight.


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