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These Cities Have the Most Millennials in the US

Are you a millennial living in this city?
chicago illinois

Although you might get a different answer depending on who you ask, the “millennial generation” is widely considered to encompass everyone born between 1981 and 1997.[slideshow:104682]

Millennials have been told they’re killing everything from the housing market to eating cereal to drinking in bars. However, millennials aren’t just flocking to metropolises like New York and Los Angeles — they’re reshaping smaller cities around the country, bringing in more tourism, better food, and cooler bars. Take that, baby boomers!

While they may propose to each other with avocados and not be able to identify a butter knife, they’re bringing the coolest dining pop-ups and healthy eating and fitness trends to places that were formerly uncool. While you might hate that they can’t stop Instagramming their food or their favorite local spots, they’re causing small towns like Overland Park, Kansas, and Glendale, California, to become more than just a place your grandparents live, but actually trendy U.S. hubs. Millennials don’t have as much money as their parents and face a challenging political landscape and economy, plus a questionable future. No wonder some of them are setting up shop in more affordable, less populated cities where they can stretch their wings!

If you’re a millennial looking to move, why not check out any of these cities? You’ll feel right at home. 

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