These Are the Most Perfect Fall Day Trips in Every State

Ready to set off on your next big adventure?
The Most Perfect Fall Day Trip in Every State

Regardless of whether you choose to take a weekend getaway or embark on a weeklong adventure in another country, fall is, arguably, the best season to travel.

The temperatures are cooling down, reminding savvy travelers that they can finally start planning an adventurous fall trip. It’s hard to resists considering there will be fewer crowds and entertaining local festivals.

Outdoor adventures are at their prime – the scenery is beautiful, the leaves are changing colors, and the weather is just right. Go hiking, watch cool hot air balloon shows, take a scenic road trip, or and go sea kayaking, sometimes with killer whales.

Travel solo for a chance to make new friends, get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself; or tour a new destination with your family for the opportunity to bond, spend quality time together, create new memories, and experience new things.

Fall represents a return to “the grind” after a summer of relaxation and lazy days. But the crisp air and beautiful colors actually make the season an ideal time to take one final outdoorsy vacation.

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