Step Back in Time on These Classic Boardwalks

Step right up and enjoy the shore at these seaside spots
old-school boardwalks

These American boardwalks have a retro, timeless charm that allows you to enjoy the beach in a fun and relaxing way.

America has some fantastic beach towns. Not only are they great places to swim, surf, and play in the sand, but they can also serve as great spots for scenery, delicious food, fun games, and thrilling rides – if they have a boardwalk, that is.

Boardwalks are becoming less of a popular tourist spot as technology brings more exciting attractions and climate change destroys more and more of them. Still, some have survived or been rebuilt, serving as a portal back in time to days of simply enjoying the beach with a hot dog in one hand and funnel cake in the other.

One of the earliest boardwalks was built in 1870 in New Jersey, and indeed, the country has a surprising number of boardwalks that are still around from the turn of the 20th century.

While most have grown through the decades, adding thrilling roller coasters, carousels, and games, as well as expanding their list of shops and restaurants, many still retain a sort of retro, timeless charm in which modern worries and technology don’t play too much of a role. For a wonderful beachside getaway, take a step back in time at these boardwalks.

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