Pilots Hate Flying Into These U.S. Airports

Landing a massive machine full with passengers is never easy, but some conditions make it problematic


Pilots don’t have an easy job. It takes a lot of skill to safely land a plane even on a flat, very long surface with no winds, trees, hills or other planes around to obstruct the view.[slideshow:102184]

However, these ideal conditions are rarely the norm. Add turbulence, powerful winds, rain or snow, and/or mountains and the get a lot trickier. So much so that even special training is required to fly into certain airports.

Congested airfields with a changing geography are among the worst. Another factor that makes landings especially precarious is the lack of control tower. If the runway is not very, very long or clear, you’ll probably need some help landing.

The following list is based on research done by Honeywell Aerospace, the avionics unit of the manufacturing conglomerate. It selected a combination of special qualification airports from the Federal Aviation Administration and airports that Honeywell’s experts and pilots find challenging.

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