Outrageous Reasons Why People Have Been Kicked Off Airplanes

Here is what not to do – if you can help it – if you don’t want the plane to leave you at the gate


Security at airports is tighter than ever before. Passengers are being scrutinized for disorderly conduct, the definition of which is sometimes open to interpretation.

Precise data about incidents isn’t recorded, but suspicious travelers and victimized passengers have social media and smartphones at their disposal to record and document some odd and bizarre occurrences.[slideshow:88516]

“In my experience, most people that manage to set off their personal ‘ejection seat’ from an aircraft usually do so by starting their vacation full-force on take-off,” Lia Volpe, flight attendant and owner of Flight Attendant Prep Academy, says. “Although everyone can understand that Christmas morning isn’t the only exciting day of the year, flying on an aircraft shouldn’t be confused with Mardi Gras,” she adds.

Many crew members have similar stories about intoxicated passengers as this is very common on flights. But other reasons include being greeted with “Merry Christmas,” wearing baggy pants, bad odor, trying to open the exit when the plane is in flight, and tweeting about a pilot taking a sobriety test.

People can be quite unreasonable while traveling. After all, overcrowded conditions, altitude, waiting for what may seem forever even though the plane is right outside the window, can enrage even the most patient passengers. The following lists contains some of Volpe’s all-time classic no-no’s and a few more.

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