The Oddest Attraction in Each State

The Oddest Attraction in Each State
Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA/Wikimedia Commons

Tourist attractions don’t always have to photogenic, pristine or hard to get to. They can easily be extravagant, gigantic, run-down and at cheap locations.[slideshow:104130]

Some of them artists can even describe as bad taste of the highest order, but that’s just another reason to see the unique site.

Don’t worry; the trip itself won’t be a waste of your time. After all, you are going to explore the country’s odd side. Some weird attractions are actually by a road, so you’ll be enjoying driving on an traffic-free road, and eating at iconic roadside diners.

Many people dream of going on a trip across the country exploring “America, the beautiful,” but some of its attractions, albeit not all of them are very well known, may distort that “pretty” image. They do, however, offer they own unique charm.

Certain sites are worth a detour; others are so weird, and, frankly, gross, that you may want to skip them.  

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