The Nation’s Most Haunted Hotels To Visit This Fall


Mahogany Waldon – Readers beware, you’re in for a scare! That is, if you plan on staying at one of these spooky places. Just in time for fall, has compiled a list of the country’s most haunted hotels, motels and B&Bs.

With millions of Americans utilizing these lodging establishments yearly, it’s not surprising that America has its fair share of spooky inns. For various reasons, the occasional death isn’t uncommon at a hotel. What is uncommon is for one of its departed guests to linger in the afterlife. Here are some places you can travel this fall to feed your inner ghost hunter. These haunted hotels, motels and b&bs are serving up more than cozy beds and warm meals.

The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

photo courtesy of Arkansas Tourism

The Crescent Hotel Has been dubbed “America’s Most Haunted Hotel.” Certified psychic mediums have concluded that this hotel serves as a “portal to the other side.” At the spot where all the activity occurs, guests have been known to get faint and pass out. Numerous ghost sightings have been reported at the hotel. The hotel’s “portal” is atop the site of a former morgue. In the 1930s, radio personality Norman Baker purchased the hotel and converted it into a cancer-curing hospital until he was arrested for mail fraud in 1939. During Baker’s stay, many patients died in his care. The bodies were kept in a morgue beneath the house. The hotel is now infamous for its many claims of paranormal occurrences.

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast and Museum, Fall River, Massachusetts

Nothing beats the tale of Lizzie Borden who was tried and acquitted of the axe murders of her father and stepmother in 1892. The gravely tale has been one of huge speculation for over a century. Schoolchildren even made a jump-rope tune out of the horrible incidents.

The home where the murders took place was converted into a B&B in 1996, since then, guests have experienced more than a few strange encounters. There are multiple accounts of the Borden family still taking up residence in the home. Guests and owners of the home have reportedly seen the apparition of Lizzie, her parents and two children who drowned on the property sometime in the home’s history. This home has to have an omen over it, there’s just too much creepiness that has taken place there. Are you brave enough to stay a few nights? The home offers fully-serviced B&B amenities.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

photo courtesy of Jetsetter

The Big Easy is known for its lively nightlife, delicious Creole-inspired cuisine and its rich history. It’s also pretty well-known for its not-so-lively residents. Some New Orleanians can’t get enough of the historic city, and they don’t plan on departing from it – alive or dead! The Bourbon Orleans Hotel was originally opened in 1827 as a ballroom, then later as an orphanage. In the late 1800s a yellow fever epidemic broke out causing the death of many children. The hotel has reportedly had many incidents of paranormal activity including: reports of ghostly children playing and laughing as well as deceased entertainers enjoying the ballroom.

Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach, Virginia

The beautiful Cavalier Hotel which dates back to the 1920s is no stranger to strange encounters. The hotel was the site of the death of Adolph Coors who fell from a window in 1929. The famous hotel has seen the likes of celebrities including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bette Davis and Judy Garland. Some of its most famous patrons don’t seem to want to leave the hotel. The ghosts that haunt the inn are making a name for themselves in the afterlife. Sightings of Coors and a little girl who drowned in the hotel’s pool have been reported. One of the most shocking reports was of a wedding party that allegedly captured Coors’s apparition in some of their wedding photos.

Hotel Provincial, New Orleans, Louisiana

photo courtesy of Michael Smith and Hotel Provincial

New Orleans has a lot of spooky history and culture. Every New Orleans native loves a good ghost story, and the ones circulating this former Confederate hospital are nothing short of spooktacular! Hotel Provincial guests have reported seeing apparitions of bloodied soldiers and have allegedly experienced flashbacks to some of the 19th century horrors that are now part of the hotel’s gruesome past. This hotel is not for the faint of heart, it’s certified #creepy!

These haunted hotels, motels and b&bs give us the chills at If you can’t get enough of these scary encounters be sure to check out some of our listings near these spooky establishments.

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