Must-Visit Small Towns This Thanksgiving Holiday

Find yourself enchanted by the holiday spirit in small towns


Make the most of the holidays and don’t flock to tourist traps like New York or Los Angeles. Think outside the box.

Visit some of the underrated adventure destinations in the U.S. – they are worth your time. Many towns are ideal for exhilarating quests ranging from exploring a lesser-known corner of the planet or going on a unique expedition year round.[slideshow:102707]

Be surprised and give you and your family a chance to have the best vacation of your lives because of authentic experiences in small picturesque towns.

Go small this Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy the endless perks such places offer –authentic local boutiques, recreational activities in the wilderness, small restaurants with delicious homemade food, and cozy cabins where you can escape the crowds.

But remember that, in the end, any way you choose to spend the holiday is the right way as long as you’re with the people you love and are having fun.

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