The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in New York City

Experience all that NYC has to offer


New York City is known for its hustle and bustle, iconic landmarks, and spectacular attractions. Tourists flock to the city every year to experience the culture, scenery, and special events.

It’s the city that never sleeps; there is always something to do and a new destination to explore. Visit famous locations from your favorite TV shows, watch a Broadway play, go shopping on Fifth Avenue, watch a sports game at Madison Square Garden, or head to the top of the Empire State Building for incredible views.

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Statistics show that there were approximately 56.5 million international and domestic visitors in New York City in 2014 — approximately 20 million more visitors than in 2000. The total visitor spending from NYC tourism in 2014 was $41 billion, compared to $18.5 billion in 2003.

Regardless of which season you visit, there is always a variety of things to experience. Visit the New York Botanical Gardens in the spring, attend a festival in the summer, visit Rockefeller Center to admire the famous tree in the winter, and take a walk in Central Park for spectacular fall foliage in the fall.

And don’t forget to take tons of photos! Here are the 12 most popular tourist attractions in NYC.


The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in New York City


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