The Most Entertaining States for Tourists

Is your home state a fun place to visit?


All 50 states in America differ drastically from one another– from busy city life in New York to the quieter climes of Utah. And everywhere has something different to do for entertainment and relaxation – but which states have the most to do?[slideshow:102397]

A new study from PlayNJ finds which states offer the most when it comes to entertaining their tourists. Every state was ranked based on how much fun they are for travelers.

California tops the list overall, but is only 13th when it comes to happiness – and Texas takes second place thanks to dominating the sports options.

The top five states came from all across the U.S. and were supported by different forms of entertainment. Remarkably, the highest any of them reached in terms of happiness was the position of 10th happiest state – Texas.

Life is too short for sitting at home all the time or not taking a short vacation every few weeks to discover a new corner of the state you live in or nearby. You may be surprised to find out that you don’t have to go far to have the fun of a lifetime. Even some tourist traps are absolutely worth a visit.

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